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Are the acrylic display rack materials toxic?

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Are the acrylic display rack materials toxic?

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First of all, the acrylic material itself is not toxic, and the smell it emits is not toxic to the human body. If in a specific environment, acrylic will be "toxic", because the melting point of acrylic is 120-150 ° C, under normal temperature, acrylic will not have chemical reaction, but under high temperature, acrylic will have chemical reaction , Thereby producing toxic gases. For example, if the acrylic is calcined at high temperature, the acrylic will release toxic substances. Another example: when engraving acrylic with a laser engraving machine, it will emit a strong irritating taste, and it often smells dizzy. Therefore, it is recommended that the acrylic product processing factory must turn on the exhaust fan when processing the engraving acrylic material with the laser engraving machine.

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The above content mainly introduces you to all the knowledge about what material acrylic is, the characteristics of acrylic performance, and whether acrylic is toxic. Presumably everyone should understand it now! Acrylic is favored in all walks of life because of its unique quality, so we can better use it only if we understand it clearly.

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