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What is the difference between PVC and acrylic?


PVC and acrylic are the materials commonly used in the production of display stands. What is the difference between PVC and acrylic?

1. In terms of unit price, the price of acrylic material is higher, but the same white PVC board and acrylic board, acrylic white board is more beautiful, not easy to yellow; and the dust and stain on the acrylic board is better and cleaner. The PVC board is easy to leave traces. If it is a light-colored display rack, it is recommended to use acrylic material to be easier to clean and more durable.

2. From the color point, the stability of the PVC board is poor, easy to decompose during processing, generally with the same color of acrylic than the background color will be yellow. Moreover, the factory can not use the laser when cutting the light-colored PVC board, because the high temperature of the laser will discolor the cutting edge of the PVC board, which affects the appearance of the display stand.

Colored-acrylic-sheet.jpgAcrylic-sign-board (2).jpg

3. If the density of the two boards is generally, and the density of the acrylic sheet is only 1.1G/CM3, the two sheets of the same thickness and size will be lighter. some. However, from the visual point of view, the acrylic sheet is very heavy, so it is a rare material with excellent quality and quality.

4. After igniting and smelling, the acrylic is burned without smoke, the flame is yellow, and smells of alcohol; while the PVC board burns white smoke, the flame is green, accompanied by the smell of hydrochloric acid.

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