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What kind of showcase design is good design


It is very necessary and important to personalize the design of the display cabinet. So how should the display cabinet design be carried out? What kind of design can be considered a good design?

Consumers: It is difficult for industrial standard production to meet individual needs. In the cabinet industry, the owners do not want the styles to be completely the same whether standardized production can meet the individual needs. The pattern of the same units in a community could not be changed. The same is too boring and not suitable for the needs of each family. People in the industry: Production industrialization will not obliterate this concern for consumers. Industry insiders said that it is completely unnecessary.

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The design of the display cabinet is not single. Take the display cabinet as an example, the display position is different, the product pages displayed are different, the design is more subjective, and what is made is subjectively better, but not necessarily To meet consumer aesthetics, it is more important that custom-made showcases are designed to better display different products of a certain brand, so how to design custom-made showcases to reflect the brand culture is more important.

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